Wednesday, May 29, 2013

How to make Watermelon "Candy!"

Greetings wellness lovers!

Today I wanted to share with you one of my favorite summer treats! I "accidently" made this last year, just by randomly dehydrating some extra water melon I had on hand.

To my surprise, dehydrated water melon is a heavenly sweet treat, and is even reminiscent of Starburst and Jolly Rancher candy!  

Did anyone else roll Starburst candy into a giant "Starburst ball" when they were a kid? Or was that just my sister and I...

Here are the steps:

1. Slice water melon 1 inch thick and cut into 2 inch (or so) pieces. As long as the thickness of the pieces is the same, the length/width doesn't have to be exact. (This makes them dry evenly.)
2. Arrange the water melon pieces on the dehydrator trays.
3. Dehydrate at 135 degrees, or the "fruit setting" for 6-8 hours.
4. Let cool, then store in an airtight container.


*Bonus: Your house will have the lovely summery scent of watermelon!

In case you are wondering what type of dehydrator I use, it's the Excalibur 3900B Tray Deluxe Dehydrator from Amazon.

Oh, and check out the lovely nutrients that you will be treating your body to when you indulge in this pretty pink fruit!

I hope you have a wonderful day! P.S. I'm excited to hear if you plan on trying this!