Monday, February 6, 2012

Integrative Nutrition #MegaIIN Excitement!

Greetings wellness lovers!

As you may know... there is an exciting and huge event coming up! 26 days!!

This is going to be epic... from what I hear, it will be the largest live event ever hosted by my school (the largest nutrition school in the world!), the Institute for Integrative Nutrition*! To give you an idea... we're talking 4,000+ health coaches from all over the world!

This will be my 1st live IIN event... and I am ecstatic!!! It will be my 2nd time meeting fellow IIN students in person! My first time connecting with my Integrative Nutrition "family" was meeting with Joshua Rosenthal and a small group, maybe 30? last May! posted about it here

And I have to say... I had never experienced so much excitement, positive energy, and 'like-minded-ness' in the same room! It was intense, and amazing!! After many years researching preventative health and nutrition, I felt like I had finally 'met my peeps.' hahaha...

It was at this small meeting that I first learned, strait from Joshua, that there was going to be a live IIN conference in Long Beach this March! So of course... I immediately started counting down the days!

The Long Beach Convention Center

I can't stop thinking about the way the Universe works... exactly 4 years ago, I was an attendee at this exact convention center, attending a professional conference for an entirely different career path. I remember seeing my college professors and peers speaking and leading seminars/workshops... and I was there on the sidelines, wondering to myself if I was really in the right career.

But now... I have finally found a movement/organization/school that is completely aligned with my personal values and passions! I almost feel like I am dreaming, because I had no idea that such an entity actually existed! Thank you internet!! Every day I am completely grateful, honored, and excited that I am part of something that is truly making the world a better place!

If you are interested in getting an inside peak at #MegaIIN, which is actually a closed/exclusive event... stay tuned! I have been invited to be an official live VIP blogger for the event, and will be posting updates this entire month, as well as at the event!

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