Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer Watermelon Icee!

Happy Monday health & wellness lovers! ♥

I have a new summer drink obsession... watermelon icees! You've got to try this!

It tastes as sweet as a convenience store 'icee', but it's made entirely with watermelon! And it's so healthy, clean, refreshing, & innocent!

I will definitely be enjoying this drink all summer... it cools you off immediately!

How to Make:

2 Ingredients!
  • 2 cups watermelon
  • 1 cup ice
  1. Blend the watermelon into juice.
  2. Add ice cubes. (a few at a time)

    *Benefits of Watermelon*
    -it's a dieurtic (say goodbye to bloat!)
    -high in vitamins C, A, B6, B1
    -contains potassium, magnesium, & fiber
    -has an alkalizing effect on the body

    Graph from WH Foods

    This week's agenda:
    • exchange health histories with fellow IN student Lauren
    • webinar with business coach Robert Notter
    • start new job the the City! (part time)
    • cooking class with a client! (healthy pizza!)
    • visit venue for 1st seminar, finalize date
    • get the tires rotated, yippee!
    • create Delicious Nutrition newsletter for July!
    • 3 treadmill sessions/social hour with my friend Amber
    • 2 relaxing yoga classes ♥
    • complete test #2 for Integrative Nutrition
    • Soupplantation & "Hangover 2" on Friday!
    • Saturday farmer's market at AV Winery
    • enjoy a relaxing weekend with Jon ♥
    • 'backyard appreciation' (in the early am & late pm... it's going to be 92 degrees!)