Monday, March 5, 2012

IIN Conference + Conflict of Interest by RobHerring

Greetings wellness lovers!

As I mentioned... this past weekend was the event of the Integrative Nutrition Mega conference in Long Beach, CA. It was my first live IIN event... and I was beyond impressed! 4,000+ health coaches, from all over the world, were in attendance!

I immediately sensed the excitement at the very beginning...
We were welcomed with a red carpet arrival!

The atrium from the outside... definitely Long Beach style!
The audio/visual set-up and team were amazing!
View of health coaches in the main lobby
It was by far the most inspiring professional conference I've ever attended... the IIN staff know what they are doing! I have a background in event planning, so I know what is required to host an event of this capacity. I overheard many other students and grads commenting on the excellent organization of the entire weekend!

Anyways... I am about to leave for work, but I just wanted to give a quick update... and also highlight a song by Rob Herring, who performed this song "Conflict of Interest" yesterday. It really resonated with me, as this is something I have really been analyzing lately...

Thoughts? ;)

Stay tuned for more conference highlights to come!

Have an amazing day!!


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