Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Simple Summer Lemonade!

Greetings wellness lovers!

Today I wanted to share a refreshing summer recipe for a sweet + simple summer lemonade! And... it's sugar-free!

Thanks to stevia as a sweetener, you can enjoy this version of lemonade while keeping your blood sugar steady! I would even call this a detox drink! It's nice to make a batch ahead of time and then have them ready-to-go in mason jars when you open the fridge!


  • 1 cup lemon juice (5-6 lemons)
  • 5 cups water
  • 30 drops liquid stevia (I used NuNaturals' lemon flavored liquid stevia...  I love that there is no bitter aftertaste!)
  • optional: 1 lemon, sliced, for garnish

Juice the lemons. In a large pitcher, mix water with the stevia drops and lemon juice. Simple! Garnish with lemon slices. Enjoy! 

(makes 3 generous servings)

What are the Health Benefits of Lemons?

The health benefits of lemons that have been known for centuries! They are antibacterial, antiviral, and have immune-boosting properties. Lemon juice is considered a weight-loss aid, as it's a digestive aid and liver cleanser. Lemons contain many substances--notably citric acid, calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, bioflavonoids, pectin, and limonene-- all of which promote immunity and fight infection.

Have an excellent day!


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