Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Natural Remedy for a Sore Throat

Well, hello there wellness lovers!

Can you imagine what life was like before Pinterest?!

I know I can't!

Something I've noticed lately (and love!):

Based on my own observations, it seems like the "Millenial" generation (in general), seems to be going 'back to the basics', per se, and using our grandparents' tried and true home remedies for common situations... for an array of things ranging from cleaning to gardening to natural health care.

Not only are many of our grandparents' tips + tricks generally more natural (and safer), they will also save you a ton of $$$!

I've had conversations with many friends about this, and from what I am seeing and hearing, it really does seem to be a trend. :)

Today I thought I'd share a new pin from my "Natural Health" pin board.

It's something I have yet to try, but have "pinned it away" for possible future use. And, one day when I have kids, I'm pretty sure I will be thankful to have this on hand.

Natural Remedy for a Sore Throat

Caption said:

"If you wake up with a sore throat, and begin to feel a cold coming on, mix hot water, 2-tablespoons honey, 2-tablespoons of vinegar, dash of cinnamon, and 2 tablespoons of lemon juice, mix well, and drink, you will feel better within the hour! Works every time!"

Just curious... has anyone tried this yet?

I hope you are having a wonderful week. :)



  1. I haven't tried it but I don't know if I would. The vinegar does not sound appetizing especially when you're sick. I would make it with everything else though!

    1. Hahaha... I think I'd be able to stomach vinegar as long as it was apple cider. :) Thanks for stopping by! xoxo

  2. I actually did try this last week. I came across this "remedy" on Pinterest as well - strangely I had "liked" the pin just days before my throat became excruciatingly sore. I guess I figured fate was telling me something so I just gave it a try. Carefully following the directions, I even used white vinegar, I combined all the ingredients and then drank the entire thing down (admittedly this took several minutes). After finishing the tonic I patiently waited an hour out before admitting to myself that the entire experience was a huge failure. My throat didn't feel even a little better and, honestly, the only relief for me was that I didn't have to drink any more. Even still I'd like to give this treatment a little benefit of the doubt... my throat was extremely sore, so perhaps for mild throat irritations it would be just the ticket.