Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Successful Cleanse!

Happy Wednesday! :)

Whew! I made it... I completed my first liver and gallbladder cleanse! 

Before I started, I read The Liver and Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse by Andreas Moritz.

He claims "Most people unknowingly suffer from a dangerous buildup of gallstones in the liver and gallbladder. These stones clog up the body's cleansing organs, creating a toxic environment incapable of maintaining good health. You become fatigued, your tissues inflame, you gain weight, and your immune system stops fighting off illness and disease. The Liver and Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse teaches you how to easily and painlessly remove gallstones in the comfort of your own home."

To give you an idea of what the liver and gallbladder cleanse entails, here is the time line I followed:

The Week Before: Consumed a vegan diet, for the most part avoided "cold" foods, drank 2-4 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar 4 times/day. Supposedly the malic acid helps to soften the stones, making them easier to pass.

Day of the Cleanse
8:00 am- Hot quinoa for breakfast.
1:00 pm- Steamed veggies and basmati rice for lunch. Stopped eating after 1:30.
6:00 pm- 6 oz. water w/ 1 tablespoon epsom salts
8:00 pm- 6 oz. water w/ 1 tablespoon epsom salts
10:00 pm- 1/2 cup olive oil mixed with 3/4 cup grapefruit juice

The Next Morning
8:00 am- 6 oz. water w/ 1 tablespoon epsom salts
10:00 am- 6 oz. water w/ 1 tablespoon epsom salts

*I continued drinking the apple cider vinegar throughout the day.
*After drinking the mixture at 10 pm, I jumped immediately into bed.
*The book recommends having a colonic prior to the cleanse, or performing an enema the evening of. I did not do either of these things.

My Thoughts:
I have to say... the actual cleanse was not nearly as bad as the anxiety leading up to it! I was pleasantly surprised!

The Epsom salts were the worst part... the first 2 glasses were easy to get down. By morning, I was not feeling up to drinking the last 2... but I managed! :)

And, I actually thought the olive oil/grapefruit mixture tasted great! As long as you mix it well, you can hardly taste the olive oil.

To be honest, I was a little scared when I read that after drinking the olive oil/grapefruit mixture and lie down in bed, it is common to actually feel gallstones coming out of your gallbladder! The book describes this as a "rolling marble" sensation. And it most definitely is! Within the first hour, I felt this sensation about 5 times!

There was absolutely no pain at any time during the cleanse. I did feel a little nauseous this morning when I began drinking the final dose of Epsom salts, but it didn't last very long, maybe 20 minutes. As soon as I sipped some leftover grapefruit juice, I felt better.

The Results:
7 stones so far! Most were about 1/4" in length. (Some people get rid of hundreds of stones on their first cleanse!)

I am definitely glad I completed this cleanse! It was a very interesting experience and I am interested to see what improvements it brings to my health & well-being! :)

Have you ever done a liver/gallbladder cleanse? What did you think of it?

*Disclaimer* Please note that this information is provided as an account of my personal experience and is not meant to substitute for the advice provided by your own intuition, nutritionist, physician, or trained professional. If you have special circumstances or in doubt whether this is for you, consult a professional before starting this program.


  1. How long is this cleanse?

  2. The cleanse takes just one evening... and the next morning for recovery. :)

    Also, for 6 days leading up to the cleanse, you are supposed to eat a vegan diet and drink apple cider vinegar or apple juice.

  3. Hi, I just found your blog and am amazed by this cleanse! So, from reading, I gather that you actually passed seven stones? And, you say there was no pain? I'm in awe! Great job. Now, I'm wondering how many stones I have. :-)

  4. Yes... 7 stones! And no pain at all. I was really hesitant to do the cleanse at first, but I am so glad I did! I feel so much better knowing that those stones are out of my gallbladder! :)

  5. I recenty was told i have gall stones..actually had a few painfull nights..after ultra sound they told me laso have cysts on my liver ..I have been scared to do a cleanse for a while now..I think i might give this one a tey doesnt seem as scary. Thank you for posting!! :)

  6. Hi Ashley,

    I just came across this posting and have decided to try it as well! I have a question though - on the day after the cleanse, can I resume eating normally after drinking the last dose of the water with epsom salts?

    1. Hi Tatyana!

      Woohoo! Good for you! :)

      You know what... I was going to look this up for you, but I just realized that I let someone borrow my Liver and Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse book. :/

      It's been a couple of years since I completed a cleanse myself, so I can't remember what the book recommended, or exactly what I did as far as eating after the last dose of Epsom salts. I do know that I didn't want to leave the house that day! Haha...

      Have you read Andreas Moritz's book? I highly recommend purchasing a copy to keep by your side as you complete the cleanse. :)

  7. Thank you, Ashley!
    That's ok. I found information online that I can resume eating on the second day but start with fruit juice and fruit.
    I'm dedicating my weekend to this, hopefully, I get good results :)
    I have not read the book yet but will probably buy it soon.