Friday, February 1, 2013

A Dreamy Valentine Dessert!

Hello everyone!

I’m Max from Fork the Cookbook. Ashley’s been so kind to allow me to guest post on her Taste for Healthy and I have a treat for you! Valentine’s day is around the corner and I’m sure everyone is busy searching and pinning recipes for this occasion. Well, look no further as I have a dairy-free, soy-free, gluten-free AND sugar free dessert for you this Valentines day!

I love forking recipes. Nope, forking is not a dirty word! It merely means to create a variation from original recipes. On my quest to live a little better, I’ve been forking recipes so that I won't miss out on treats and feel better at the same time. We change recipes to suit us all the time, Fork the Cookbook's focus is on making it easy for us to tweak recipes and keep track of what others have done differently to our recipes.

Here’s an easy floating island recipe I’ve forked to be healthier. Floating island or snow egg is a French dessert consisting of poached meringue floating on vanilla custard. I’ve only used 2 eggs, almond milk and vanilla beans to make this simple dessert. The egg whites are beaten with honey instead of sugar and cooked gently in hot almond milk. I’ve made the custard with egg yolk that I’ve saved from making the meringue, almond milk, honey, vanilla and a touch of xanthan gum to thicken it. I finished this off with some fresh passion fruit for its tang and crunch.

Healthy Floating Island or "Snow Egg"

This is a truly refreshing dessert, one you can whip up in advance if you want to serve it cold. One bite of this pillowy soft, almond flavoured meringue will make you and your loved one feel as if you’re on cloud 9...

Do check us out at Fork the Cookbook and let's fork our way to a healthier us!

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