Friday, January 21, 2011

"Look at Me Now!" Seminar

Happy Friday! I hope you had a great week! :)

For the past few months, I've been honored to give presentations on healthy eating tips at the local Y.

Last night was "Look at Me Now!" The seminar mainly consisted of 5 individuals "telling their story" about how they have attained a healthy body weight and greatly improved their health through a health diet and exercise.

The goal was to kick off the new year of health and fitness goals by inviting people to come and listen to "real people" who have achieved better health!

It seemed to be a success... 34 people!

And, let me just say... it was truly inspiring! I greatly appreciate how huge of a goal these individuals accomplished! They are perfect walking, living, breathing examples for others wanting to improve their lifestyle.

Part of the presentation included a brief discussion of goal setting.

Personally, I love goal-setting, because I am Type A personality like that. ;) But it seemed like everyone else was very interested in this idea as well! 

Many of the "stars" had already been using the SMART Goals principle:

This way of goal-setting can be applied to any goal!

Do you keep these "smart" principles in mind when setting goals?

And, on a fun note... does anyone have any exciting plans for the weekend?

Jon and I are having a "game night" with our friends!

Bye for now! :)


  1. That sounds wonderful! I love the Goals Principle. My mom attends a group called "Body Mind Spirit". It's a pretty large group and I've been asked to speak there. I've done some public speaking before but it freaks me out every time!

  2. Julia- "Body Mind Spirit" sounds like a great group! I would love to start something like that... What types of things do they do? And how often do they meet? :)

  3. That sounds like a great seminar! I've used SMART goal setting before, and they taught it at my running room classes. Have a great weekend, I love games nights!

  4. Hi Beautiful! What a great sounding seminar! I love being a large group of people that are pumped up and motivated! Inspiration spreads! I get this when I heat to a MonaVie seminar ;) So beautiful!

    Keep up the great work, Ashley!!!