Friday, February 11, 2011

Green Apple Super Smoothie!

Hello there! :) And happy Friday!

So... earlier this week, I did some reading & researching about 100 different popular dietary theories (for hours!). I am absolutely fascinated by everything I am learning at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition! ♥

Anyways, when reading about the Body Ecology Diet, I came across a delicious green smoothie recipe! I ended up adding dates for natural sweetness. It is my favorite green smoothie yet!!

If you want to whip up a green smoothie that is less "green" tasting than most, give this one a try! :) It's delightfully refreshing and calming, yet energizing!

Green Apple Super Smoothie
(makes 6 servings)  


*1 granny smith apple
*4-5 stalks celery 
*2 cups romaine lettuce
*4 dates, pitted 
*½ large avocado 
*½ bunch cilantro or parsley
*3-4 cups filtered water


Chop vegetables into 1 inch pieces for easy blending. Fill blender with 3-4 cups filtered water (more or less water depending on how thick you desire your shake). Add all ingredients into blender. Puree till smooth or desired consistency. Enjoy!

Do you have a favorite green smoothie recipe? I would love to try it! :)

And, are you doing anything exciting this weekend?


  1. i am definitely going to buy some green apples and make this. i usually stick to my green cleansing smoothie, but i love the idea of keeping it green and adding an apple and avocado!! delicious.

  2. I am so trying this today. My body is seriously needs a pick me up. I spent the weekend pretending i was back in college and well lets just say i am far from being back in college and my liver and tummy need a little help. thanks for this Ashley, i feel better just looking at the picture. hehehe

  3. Thank you so much! I can not do banana's to save my life and I will be using this one for sure! How do you like IIN? I just did an info webinar about them today. Are you happy? I am mostly worried about being able to find a job after words.

  4. alisueonthemove- I absolutely love IIN!!! It's only been 2 months... but I am extremely happy with the program. Along with health and nutrition, they also teach you to set up your own health coaching practice. After 6 months, you can start seeing clients. If you do everything they teach you, apparently it's possible to earn back your tuition by the end of the year! Are you interested in starting your own business?

  5. Thanks for posting this! I can't wait to try it. I have been looking for some new smoothie recipes.