Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Directory

Greetings health and wellness lovers!

Today I wanted to share (yet another) new and exciting development that was officially announced at the Integrative Nutrition* Mega Conference this past weekend!

If you are a health coach, are considering becoming a health coach, or are interested in connecting with a health coach to attain your personal health goals, then you will greatly appreciate the value of...
The Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Directory

What are the benefits of this health coach directory?

  • It's easy for individuals to search for a health coach by location and specialty.
  • Individuals can read a coach's bio and find their website via the About page.
  • Individuals can contact and interact with health coaches directly.
  • Individuals can easily connect via Facebook and Twitter to any health coach.
  • Health coaches can connect with each other to find solutions.

Pretty. brilliant.

The Institute for Integrative Nutrition continues to exceed my expectations... even after graduation! I am so grateful to have discovered an organization that is completely in alignment with my values, and makes it possible to create an amazing career + life.

Have a lovely day!


*Integrative Nutrition® and Institute for Integrative Nutrition® are registered trademarks of Integrative Nutrition Inc. 


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