Friday, September 26, 2014

Why Your Body Loves Sleep!

Well hello there, wellness lovers! Happy Friday!

And might I just add... happy fall as well! I am just so excited for the cooler temperatures, everything pumpkin, and bringing out the cute boots + vests + blankets. I know you are too!!

One other aspect of fall that I greatly appreciate... is the fact that nights start getting longer and daylight savings eventually ends.

Why do I look forward to this? It's simple really.

More sleep!

If you're like me... when it's the middle of summer and is light outside well passed 8 pm, you probably tend to get less sleep than you should. Or maybe you're more disciplined than I am. In the fall and winter months, I find myself more able to relax and get to bed by a reasonable hour. Ideally 9 pm. Please don't laugh... my alarm goes off at 5.

I just love this infographic from the Huffington Post! Take a minute to check it out!


Whenever you find yourself sleep deprived, you know you feel terrible... but this pretty much sums everything up nicely! If you are skimping on sleep... your body is not going through all of the necessary processes to repair itself and fully rest the mind.

According to the Mayo Clinic and WedMD, adults generally require 7-8 hours of sleep per night. Apparently some individuals can get by with 6 (although probably not necessarily ideal), and some people actually need 9 to function throughout their day.

So there you have it! And probably have known for ever. Sleep is important! Have you been taking sleeping seriously enough lately? Please feel free to leave a comment below. (I'll leave a confession myself!)

I hope you have a relaxing and restful weekend! Zzzzzzzz


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  1. I will admit.. in my younger days I did not prioritize sleep. At all. Not only that... I would actually brag about how little sleep I got each night, because you know, I was just soooo busy! One weekend, because of the hours I was working for the police department (8:30 pm - 2 am) I ended up getting just 4 hours of sleep per night, 3 nights in a row. By Sunday evening, my entire world was tipping back and forth in front of me (like when you're a kid and you spin in the grass and then lay down.) I was completely freaked out, too much so to even fall asleep easily that night which of course didn't benefit the situation at all. Ever since then, I started to respect and appreciate sleep, realizing that it was something humans did for good reason!