Friday, March 8, 2013

Thankful for Integrative Nutrition

Well, hello there wellness lovers!

As many of you know... enrolling at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition was a life-changing experience for me. I didn't know exactly 'what' I wanted when I started, but I did know that I wanted to become an entrepreneur in an area I was passionate about: nutrition and all things wellness related! 

It's been a little over a year since I graduated... and well, I am excited to say that I have reached my larger goals of becoming a wellness entrepreneur, earning a pretty decent living doing what I love. The 'what' part just keeps transforming and has been getting better and better every day. Seriously, doors that I had no idea existed have opened since making the decision to enroll at IIN. 

It's been said that "whatever you want, IIN provides the stepping stones and framework to get you there." I have realized that this is right on. When I enrolled at Integrative Nutrition, I was very unhappy... feeling tied to a job with a schedule that was less-than-ideal (nights + weekends), which I was also over-qualified for. I had just graduated with my bachelor's degree in Recreation Management at the start of "The Great Recession", and was pretty much panicking, thinking: I went to college for this?!

I almost get teary-eyed when I think about what my life would be like if I hadn't randomly stumbled across IIN in one of my interesting Google searches. ;) It is the best feeling in the world to know that I am in charge of my own destiny... and now, thanks to IIN, have the skills and connections to make my goals happen.

Just this past week, I was able to visit my sister with my family in Oregon. The entire time, I couldn't stop thinking about how lucky I was to be able to decide to take off on a long road trip, without having to ask anyone's permission for time off!

Wine-tasting in Oregon. That's me on the right and yes, that is wine... not my favorite apple cider vinegar drink. ;)
If anyone out there is thinking about embarking on Integrative Nutrition's life-changing journey, one might be interested to know that IIN has recently partnered with Goddard College to apply Integrative Nutrition's studies towards Goddard College's undergraduate and graduate programs.

As a graduate of IIN's Health Coach Training Program, students who enroll in Goddard's Health Arts and Sciences graduate program are eligible to receive a $1,500 scholarship each semester. (You can learn more about Goddard's Health Arts and Sciences graduate program here.) Pretty awesome. IIN is the real deal.

If you or anyone you know of is interested in attending IIN, please feel free to reach out. :) My email is, and I am always happy to share my experience + insight!

I hope you have a happy Friday, and... an even better weekend!!


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